The Quality Assurance in Postgraduate Research
Special Interest Group (QPR Quality SIG)

Welcome to the website for the QPR Quality SIG.

About QPR Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The Quality in Postgraduate Research Conference (QPR) organisers regularly invite proposals for Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in specific aspects of the scholarship, practice, policy and management of research degrees.  Aims include supporting discussion on relevant issues and building enduring communities of practice to further QPR-related interests both at and between conferences.

The QPR Quality SIG

An inaugural workshop to convene the QPR Quality SIG was hosted at the 2016 Quality in Postgraduate Research conference. Details for the Quality Assurance in Postgraduate Research special interest group (SIG) are as follows:

Name of SIG Quality Assurance in Postgraduate Research (Quality SIG)
Focus of SIG Quality issues as they pertain to postgraduate research.
Aims While quality certainly seems to be a common consideration in postgraduate research (and is the raison d’être for QPR) quality assurance remains a relatively niche and, for some, esoteric area of activity in research education.  The QPR Quality SIG aims to:

o   Support engagement on issues around ‘Quality’ in research education;

o   Support conversations about both theoretical and practical aspects to quality; and

o   Provide a forum for collaboration and resource sharing on these topics.

Topics of interest Discussion on themes and resources that could be supported through the SIG might include:

o   Good practice;

o   Benchmarking;

o   Standards;

o   Regulation and risk;

o   Indicators;

o   Self-review;

o   Definition and measurement;

o   New approaches to quality in research education; and

o   Theoretical, practical or ‘meta’ aspects to the processes and practices associated with quality and postgraduate research.

QPR Quality SIG activities

Primary activities of the QPR Quality SIG include:

  • Organising, at QPR, events including paper presentations, workshops, round-table discussions, project development sessions and social events between conferences. QPR Quality SIG activities are open to all participants in the biennial Quality in Postgraduate Research (QPR) conference.